About FX Promax

FX Promax - Global Trading Platform

FX Promax is a reputable international online trading platform, providing individual and institutional investors with a wide range of trading products from foreign exchange, commodities, stocks, indices and cryptocurrencies. The company is doing well around the world and is a great place to provide professional and reliable services to its customers.

FX Promax's goal is to universalize and provide an exchange rate forecasting platform to more than 10,000,000 people worldwide with a professional, friendly, simple and secure trading environment.


Our Great Features

Safe & Secure
Excerpt Tokens
Easy Payment
Daily Cash Out
No Dilution
Compatible devices

Suitable for many types of personal devices.

Up or Down

Just identify the trend up or down.


Advanced trading platform.

Easy to use

Easy to use even if you are new to forex.

Increased rewards

Emulation programs for investors and ib partners.

Safe and confidential

The data is confidential and cannot be invaded.